Friday, November 5, 2010

I just want a guy, who really loves me for who I am, but not in that way, we're just like really good friends. And neither of us have an alternative motive, we're best friends, we say we're best friends and we mean it and it's true. And we hang out all the time and we just sleep over each other's house and just do fun shit, and then when we go to sleep he just hugs me the whole time. And none of it is sexual, it's just a best friends thing. He doesn't want to get into my pants, he's not like the other ones, who are only friends with me because they think they'll get something out of it and just fuck off when they realise they won't, because I'm not actually like that, it's all just rumours. And he understands that I have problems, and he has problems too but we just don't care because we have so much fun together. And when he sees something sad on my blog or facebook, he calls me up or walks to my house because he doesn't want me to hurt myself, and he knows that unless I'm with someone I will, because I can't control it when I'm alone.
Too bad I'll never get that, reading over it, it just sounds impossible, it'll never happen.

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