Saturday, June 5, 2010

I think it's time for some copy and pasting, because I'm a lazy shit.
This is things that speak to me, made me sad or happy, or just expressed what I'm feeling in a way that I can't.

"I want to be the person that you look nice for. I want to be the person that makes you smile just by looking at you. I want to be the person you write songs and poems for. I want to be the person you wish for when you have a chance. I want to be the person invading your dreams. I want to be the person that you miss way too much. I want to be the person that you always want to talk to. I want to be the person that makes you laugh. I want the power to make your day, or break your heart. I want to be the person you regret meeting, and the person who changed everything. I want to make you feel things you’ve never felt. I want to be the person you’ve cried over, and hurt yourself for. I want to be the person you bought those shoes, or listened to that band because of. I want you to think about me, even when you don’t want to. I want you to chase me around. I want you to hate yourself for wanting me.

Basically, I want to be everything you are to me."
Rella from EB wrote this.

And this.
"I keep on telling myself I’m going to stop thinking about you so damn much. I’m not going to chase after you desperately and pathetically, or wait around for you anymore. I’m not going to stare at you across rooms filled with people, or get nervous when I’m near you. I’m not going to laugh at everything you say, or rely on you to make or break my day. I’m not going to be a fool anymore. I’m done letting you distract me from everything, and letting you disappoint me time after time. You are not my life. You are not my only hope. You are just one boy. But tell me one thing, why am I the one having to sacrifice everything just to feel normal again? Why can’t you stop being so damn cute? Why do you keep on talking to me like you care? Why do you flirt so frequently? Why do you lead me on and then push me away? It’s because of you I ever thought this would work out. You started it all the day you asked me my name. So why should I give up everything? You’re equally at fault here, and I’m not letting go of this until you do.

And maybe, just maybe, I don’t want to get over you. Maybe I like it when you smile at me, or talk to me. Maybe I like having some delusions. There’s nothing wrong with a little false hope to get a girl by. We’re all doing the best we can, and you make me feel happy. Sometimes, that’s enough, especially when you have little else."

There's something else I want to post, but that can wait until tomorrow because it's really long and confusing and I can't be fucked typing it all up right now.

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