Monday, May 31, 2010

His cheek brushes mine. We are kissing. Just like that; a fluid motion. Hard to explain. The way it just happens. We close our eyes. His mouth is warm. Slippery. It tastes of lollipops and something else I can't identify. His tongue forces its way into my mouth. I don't resist. Mine is on his teeth. Smooth. His hand. On my side. It's warm. Mine on the back of his neck. The skin there is smooth. Warm. His hair. He forces me deeper into the kiss. His mouth. Electricity. These noises he makes. Noises I'm making. Pushing forward and back against one another. Suck.

He breaks off the kiss. I'm kind of embarrassed. And I want him. Totally and completely, and I'm going to die if I don't get to kiss him again, dance with him, sleep with him, absorb his body into mine.

Moments like these I forget about everything else. Moments like these, nothing matters. With him, with whoever. I can forget who I am. Forget anything else exists. No future. No past. Just this.

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