Saturday, September 25, 2010

i’m already thin, i just want to be thinner, i want you to be able to see my ribs, i want it so when i get into my underwear infront of you, all you want to do is hold me, i want you to notice that im not eating, i want you to take ahold of me and beg me to eat, instead of just telling me i should eat more, but you dont know the half of it, you only know half of it, you said eating disorders disgusted you, so i went home and did my nightly routine of vomiting and exercising and all i could think about was you, and how much i want you to notice and to care and for me to be able to tell you that im not going to eat, and i want to see the pain in your eyes, but for you to stay and let me not eat and be happy.

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